A tribute to all the single moms that work long hours

May you rest in peace.


Now I know what she was feeling as she took us by to visit, and why she stared over at familiar trees. Every single day for the rest of my life…until I am no longer on this earth. At the crack of We think of you and miss you everyday and we always will.

How did you fare, Mamas and Daddies? I miss you with all my heart and soul my love…I always will, no matter what. Its because I promised you.

Our children will be at school on time for tens of days. I would gladly walk in darkness and hide this pain than ever hurt them in that way. Army Garrison in Mannheim from Prof. I hope you are peace.

But you always had so much love in your heart. Here is the good news: Gods will not mine be done!! I have not missed a day of not crying and missing my son. As a Military Brat, I lived in Benjamin Franklin Village from toand for me and many others, it was our home—where we went to school, trick-or-treated, played softball, went to Saturday Matinees or the Snack Bar, or the library and PX, and the many apartment buildings were where we ate meals, sometimes with our fathers present, and where we slept at night.

Military children will grow up seeing and experiencing life at Benjamin Franklin Village as I did. The children should be in school already, sitting in air conditioning and learning something, instead of wasting their lives on video games and TV because the outdoors have ceased being an option and their mother has lost the will to live.

I hope you actually frolicked. While it is sad for me, I think it is a good thing for Germany—that Germans may raise their children without the sight of fences topped with barbed wire, in a country that is no longer divided into East and West.

In the national news from time to time, I will read about a town that is devasted by flood or tornados, and almost without exception, the town is rebuilt and families who have lived there can return and continue their lives.

A Tribute To Benjamin Franklin Village Mannheim Germany

After a few weeks BFV was my home. Keep up the great work! I really thought I could save you. We are no longer cooking delicious new recipes together.

Some days it feels like yesterday we were drinking coffee, laughing, making plans for our little family, and living a beautiful life together.

I thank the heavens everyday that the gods and goddesses brought us together. We had the fun. This pain, this sadness, emptiness, that I have carried with me everyday since March 27 Yes, the girl who bemoaned homework folders and daily school requirements and reading minutes and All The Things is now on her knees, begging the teachers to take these children back.

Inwhen I arrived in Mannheim, the city had been rebuilt and while there still was a danger of finding unexploded munitions from twenty years earlier, we saw little of the destruction of Germany during the war, except for a few historical sites we visited.

Did you know what you were taking?To all those who walked the hard miles but did not make it. You're never forgotten. Remembering those who have died – or been injured – because of overdose is an important part of International Overdose Awareness Day.

As I read over the June 1, edition of the Herald POST, which serves the communities in the U.S. Army Garrison Baden-Württemberg, it was a bittersweet cytopix.com article covered the deactivation ceremonies and contained some great photos and background on Benjamin Franklin Village.

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Next time go on a vacation all alone too. Probably fairly soon after the family one. I had a mission trip that happened to be in Alaska. And the rest of the time, get your friends or the grandparents to help once a week.

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A tribute to all the single moms that work long hours
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